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Divorce Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Family

With the right attorney on your side, an ending to your relationship can be the beginning of something new for your family life. At The Schnaare Law Firm, PC, in Hillsboro, we strive to make this difficult time in your life as simple as possible. Our noncombative approach saves time, money and the stress of a drawn-out, contentious divorce.

Your Goals Are Our Priority

If you’ve been wronged by a spouse, we understand how you must feel. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to end up with the short end of the stick again. We’ll work for you to achieve the results you want – from keeping the house, to getting full custody of the children – we’re on your side.

Together, We’ll Get Your Life Back On Track

No matter what your situation, we’ve probably seen worse. We know exactly how to handle your situation in the eyes of the law. From partitioning homes to untangling affairs, we’re the attorneys you want on your side. As attorneys who also have business law acumen, we can advise you on how a marriage, separation or divorce will affect your business. You may also want to create or update your estate planning documents when your family grows or your relationship changes.

You Are Not Alone

Going through a divorce can make you feel alone – you do not have to be. We’ll explain your proceedings every step of the way so you understand the legal process behind each decision we make. You’ll never be alone in the process, and you will always have someone who will answer your questions and explain things in a clear way that makes sense.

Find Out How We Can Help

The first step is to fully understand your rights, options and the process. Set up a meeting with our team to get the information you need to make sound decisions. We will answer your questions and provide insight into the issue. Call 636-789-8599. You can also reach us via our online email form.